Sunday, August 21, 2011

Caliente Nevada and the Holts

This last week I was lucky enough to be able to have a week off of work and Justin and I flew down to his home - Caliente, Nevada. His brother Chauncey just got off of his mission and I was able to meet his whole family. They are awesome and made me feel so at home and comfortable. Thank you Holt family.

Climbing down the rope

So handsome

Here is some of the Holt gang

We went and saw some charcoal kilns, which were cool. Then we hiked around for a while at this beautiful place...don't remember the name of it. Then we went to the Moon Caves and climbed up a rope and down the other side and had so much fun. Justin also hunted while we were there because he drew an archery tag for a deer. On Saturday I guided him into the deer and he got within 50 yards. So close, and yet, so far. But it was an amazing week and The Holts are amazing people. I was also able to catch up on a little bit of sleep from the ranch life. Justin and I are the hay crew. Bob put me in charge of the hay. So I usually swath during the day and then we check the hay all night until there is the right amount of dew. Then Justin bales and I rake. It's a good time, but also exhausting. So it was nice to be able to sleep all night and sleep in a little this week.

Not the best picture but you get an idea of how cool of a place we were at.

Other exciting happenings include:
- I ate a porcupine for the first time on the ranch because we were running out of food. So Gary killed and skinned and his wife slow cooked a porcupine and it was delicious!
- There were others but I can't remember them now...more to come later