Friday, January 23, 2015

More of Christmas

Ben made delicious rolo cookies!

We celebrated Dad's birthday. What an amazing father I have. 

Everyone walked around the cabin outside with bare feet for Dad's birthday

It was really cold!

Justin was the winner because he did another lap around. He even cut open his toe, but couldn't feel it because his feet were frozen. That is what I call dedication.

Taylor made some cookies in her Christmas gift

And she shared with everyone

We rubbed some oil on Jake's head, it was so dry

Everyone also went snowmobiling for a day. Justin really loved that. I stayed home in the cabin again 

Gingerbread houses

We kept a family tradition alive by making gingerbread houses. 

This is me pretending to know what I'm doing. Justin was a perfectionist when it came to building our house and it turned out beautiful. He's so awesome!

so much concentration

The finished products. Ours is third from the left

Merry Christmas

Taylor really liked putting make up on everyon

My cute nephews and niece 

Ben jammin

I love my parents so much! They are amazing

Ashley is awesome because she keeps everyone neat and everything organized. What would we do without her?

Merry Christmas morning


What a cool family I have! I love them all to pieces. It was so fun to be with everyone for two weeks. It was also a lot of fun to be able to see and talk to Elder Goodson (Matthew) on Christmas. I'm so proud of him for serving a mission.