Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!

It's true! I'm engaged to the man of my dreams - Justin Holt! It happened on October 14th (see the story below). I'm so happy!

The Ring

Here is the story:
Justin took me to dinner at Applebee's. Then when we got back to my apt it was all set up like the pictures show and the radio was playing country music. I was very surprised because I didn't think he had the ring, because he had told me it would probably be another week. Tricky. So we were just talking and then I heard his voice on the radio and he said my name and some very sweet things and dedicated the song Then by Brad Paisley to me. Then he said some more very sweet things to me, knelt down, grabbed the chocolate covered ring box off the platter and proposed! Of course I said yes. And now we are engaged and I'm so happy and I just love Justin Holt with all of my heart! I almost ruined things because I happened to be in slow motion that night and he had a schedule because the radio message was going to be playing at a certain time. haha so I kept saying things like why are you walking so fast? haha silly. But it all worked out and it was so romantic and perfect and I'm so happy!