Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Steph's first broken bone

On October 23, 2013 Steph broke her foot. It happened at work. Her first broken foot and visit to the ER.

This was taken a week after it happened, when she got her temporary cast off. Now she has to wear a boot. She can't walk on it for 4 weeks, and then has to walk with a boot. 

Here is the temporary cast

My mom is here and she has been AMAZING. Hooray for moms! She cleaned our old apt so good that we got all of the deposit back that we could! She is also organizing our new place and cleaning it up. She cooks us meals and works non-stop to help us. She is the best.

Journal entry:
I broke my foot today at work. I had only been there for 15 minutes. I opened up a ghetto shoot and a heavy solid metal panel dropped on it. It hurt so bad. I took off my boot right away because I didn’t want them to have to cut it off, because they are my new boots that I love. I just sat on the ground and called Justin, but he was in class.  Then I called my mom, but she didn’t answer. I finally got a hold of my dad and I was hysterical and I asked him what I should do. He was awesome and asked me about it and then told me to go to the hospital.  So I called my mom again and talked to her. Then I called my co-worker, Roberto, and he came to rescue me. He was awesome and just picked me up and carried me to the truck and rushed me to the hospital.  It was a long and painful ride to the hospital.  Then I had to wait forever (about 2 hours) till they finally took and x-ray and gave me a painkiller. Then I had to wait some more for the results. Justin rushed to my side and made it just in time to hear what the doctor had to say.  I don’t have to have surgery, which is good. But it’s broken and there is a little piece of bone just floating off to the side. So much pain. I have to elevate it till Sunday. I can’t walk on it for 4 weeks.

It’s bad timing because we are moving tomorrow and we have to clean our apt and now I can’t help with anything. But my mom is planning on coming out to help us and save the day! What an awesome mom and husband I have.  Ben called me while I was in the hospital, which was awesome. He said he knew how boring hospitals can be. What a sweet brother.

I am getting worker’s comp, which is good.  I feel bad because I was in charge of running the cows through the shoot to pull their CIDR’s and give them a shot. What a day. Justin has been so sweet and is making me dinner and taking such good care of me. Karen gave me some books to read too.  What great friends and family I have! Poor broken foot. My first broken bone and my first visit to the ER.