Thursday, July 29, 2010

more Boston

The freedom trail! Also if you look closely you can see a Mennonite choir...

This building looks like a face. Do you see it? It took us a while to find this one, but it was worth it.


So last weekend I had a grand adventure and took the bus up to NYC, then took the train into NJ to see my dear old friend, Cassi! Then Cassi, Carter and I drove up to Boston to see another old friend, Jen, from freshman year. It was a weekend full of memories, adventure, learning and good times. We went to Harvard campus and Cassi brought a book to tell us about all the buildings. This is the Widener Memorial Library named after Harry Widener who died on the Titanic. We are holding our breath in this picture because rumor has it Harry couldn't swim 50 yards to the boat...bummer.

Then we all took turns posing like statues.

This is an arch that when you whisper in one side the person on the other side can hear you. awesome. It was so fun to see old friends and to be able to see Boston, I had never been before. more pictures to come...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Something you should know about me, if you don't already, is that I have dreams that I usually remember every single night. Sometimes they are crazy, sometimes wierd, sometimes funny, sometimes random, sometimes out of control and I worry about my subconscious, and sometimes normal dreams...if there is such a thing as a normal dream. Originally my good friend Cassi told me my blog should be a place where I could share these dreams with whoever reads this...but I forgot about that until just now. So here are two of my dreams from just the other night that I had:

(warning: most of my dreams don't really make sense, so don't judge me. They are just dreams after all...right?)

1) Cassi had sent me her whole wardrobe, who knows why, and I was trying everything on and she was explaining what went together best and how it all worked. So I tried on this fancy white coat and Whitney (a friend from freshman year) started making fun of it and how ridiculous it made me look. Then, suddenly, I was walking behind a huge crowd of people who were all seating and facing a podium. Cassi was at the podium and had been asked to say a few words to all of these people. But we weren't sure whether it was a funeral or a graduation, or she just said, "Live everyday like it's your last." Then she did a sweet dance move! ba hahaha

2) There were different apartments/groups and they each had to complete a project. Our apt sang a song and played different instruments, I played the recorder. One group procrastinated, so I thought I would help them. They were trying to sculpt something and paint we mixed blue, red, and yellow paint - which made it black...tricky. But the paint was hardening too fast and so it ended up looking like a volcano/dinosaur and we kept stabbing it with our paintbrushes to add more blue paint. Well they all got in trouble for not having it done because it ended up being a disaster...and I almost got blamed but the teacher remembered my stellar recorder playing from earlier.

Lesson from this dream....don't procrastinate? or learn to play the recorder?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Archives Museum

So some of my cousins are here visiting us in Virginia, which means that everyday is a new adventure in D.C. It's awesome. Yesterday, we went to the archive museum, Museum of Natural History, and the air and space museum. While I was wandering around this section of the archives museum, a funny moment happened. This lady was intently watching a video and listening to it with a phone. There was another phone next to her, so I picked it up and then saw some pretty buttons...So I pushed one of the buttons, not thinking, and it changed the video she was watching. hahahaha my bad. She just looked at me funny and I said I was so sorry and I had no idea it was going to stop her video. She said it was okay and then just explained to me how it worked. hahaha awesome. I felt a little bad, and apologized a million times, but mostly I just thought the whole situation was hilarious. It was a good one.