Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacation and Family

I've decided to start writing more in my blog and treating it like a journal. Here it goes.

This last week and a half, Justin and I were able to get work off and go to Utah to spend time with family. It was a much needed vacation. Here are some of the highlights from the trip:

- I got to be with my awesome family (minus the Pagano's and Elder Goodson - missed them).
- I had time to just relax and rest and spend time with Justin and family
- We went to Lagoon and I rode all of the rides with Matty Mat (turns out I still love roller coaster rides!!!) My favorite was one called Samuri and the free fall one. but I loved all of them. I also loved riding some of them with my mom (she's awesome). Dad was a trooper and walked around the whole time with Taylor so we could all have fun. My hero. Justin wasn't feeling so good, so he just rested on a bench and the grass :( poor guy
- We all got very sick. I witnessed my Dad throwing up for the first time ever and helped him clean that up - good bonding time. Matt turned green.
- Ashley and Jake moved to Lehi and we helped them move
- We got Matt all ready for college, walked around campus, helped him move into his dorm. He is all grown up and going to college.
- we hiked up to Timpanogos caves. We were all still recovering from our sickness, so that made it more difficult. I couldn't breathe, but we made it. It was beautiful and coming down the mountain was painful on the legs. Matt was a trooper and carried Cameron on his back all the way down. Mom carried Taylor basically the whole time...I'm pretty sure she is in better shape than all of us combined. Dad was so brave and faced two of his fears (heights and claustrophobia- good work Dad)
- My awesome parents bought me a .22 rifle for my birthday that is coming up!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to go shoot it. My very first gun ever. Now I can fit in with the Holts. It took 3 visits to get it, and it almost didn't happen. The first time I forgot my license, then it was too late (apparently if you are out of state you can't buy a gun after 7pm), and the third time the guy who helped us couldn't find it for a while. But it happened and I'm so excited!
- we got to play lots of wii super mario
- we played lots of games (settlers of catan...aka whiners of contention, sorry, rummikub, and many more)
- Justin and I also went to the dentist. It was a much needed visit. My teeth were starting to hurt when I ate certain things. I had 4 cavities and he had one and had to get a crown.  Needless to say, after 3 trips to the dentist and no insurance coverage, we hope we don't have to go again for a while.
- We also carried on a tradition and went to dinner with Uncle Pat.

I just enjoyed being with family and sleeping in and just relaxing. What an awesome vacation and what an amazing family. I love them all so much.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My first demolition derby!

On July 7th we went to a demolition derby. It was my first demolition derby ever! I had no idea what to expect, but it was awesome!

We're so excited!

This drive shaft on this car broke off and the wheel was barley on on the other side.

They put money in noodles out on the field and kids of different ages raced to get them.  My favorite was one group of the older kids all started running out, but there wasn't even any noodles in the field yet. hahaha they all had to do the walk of shame back to the starting line. The announcer guy said, "our future leaders" haha awesome.

What a fun date night! I would happily go to another one. Here is a video...not the best.