Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Christmas fun

We shot some clay pigeons one day

Justin took the grandkids on a mule ride

Justin helped get this mountain lion mount that was in the family store and put it up in their house.  His dad shot it when it was trying to eat one of his dogs. Rugged.

The finished product

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Christmas

I found some more pictures from our Christmas at the Holts. Enjoy

Justin got me a sweet matching cowboy trash can and soap dispenser.

He also got me an xbox 360 with a guitar for Beatles rockband

I got him a very nice razor that won't give him a rash on his neck, some broad heads, and shooting muffs.

Chauncey and Mal got Justin a hunting game and a gun for our xbox 360

I got a sweet recipe book and a meat mallet from mama Holt

Chauncey and Mal also got us this huge box of food! Exciting

We all pitched in and got Linda a bunch of new pillows to put on the beds for when hunters come

Our awesome Goodson family reunion book from Marg/Mama Goodson. Love it!

This is capturing the madness of 2 tv screens and two games hooked up at the same time.  All of the boys loved this and were able to play all together on two screens.

 We also did a white elephant gift exchange with everyone
This was one of the best gifts - a huge leopard onesie 

This was one of the gifts we brought. A weird shower cap. haha

We also played a game. The boys and girls were on teams and had to dress someone up in a Christmas theme. I am a Christmas tree...and I am not sure what Justin is. Awesome

It was a wonderful Christmas.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Remember when I broke my foot?

I am still recovering from my broken foot. I can walk on it now, but I still limp.  It's been about 3 months now.  I found these pictures on Justin's phone and thought I would share them.

I am heavily drugged in this picture.  It took 2 hours of waiting in lots of pain, but they finally helped me.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas 2013

For Christmas this year we went to Justin's house in Caliente, NV. His whole family was able to make it (minus Colby who is on a mission).   It was a wonderful Christmas. My favorite part was speaking to Matt who is on his mission, along with my whole family and seeing their beautiful faces!!

The nieces acting out the story of the birth of Jesus.

what a handsome husband

All of the men played a lot of video games. They had two screens set up...oh boys.

Happy Christmas!