Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dutch Oven Deliciousness

The other day we had a little dutch oven party. We had a bunch of potatoes and decided making dutch oven potatoes would be the best and most delicious way to eat them before they went bad.  So we invited some family and headed out to Beaver Dick park.  Chauncey brought some elk stake from the elk he shot and we also made some peach cobbler. All of the food was so delicious!  And I struggled taking pictures...don't judge.

We couldn't really get a fire going and it started getting cold, but it was still fun.

Josh and Matt


Monday, March 25, 2013

Blessings and lessons learned

The other day we received another huge blessing.  I had gone to the eye doctor about a month ago because my left eye always hurt and felt like it was being pushed out of my head.  Eye pains and injuries are not to be taken lightly so I went to the doctor.  I thought that my insurance would cover most of it.  We got the bill a week or two ago and it turned out that the insurance didn’t cover any of it.  I hate talking on the phone and didn’t really want to call them about it.  So first I had to call my mom to get some confidence built up in me (I always have to call her before I go to a doctor too…who knows why?).  My mom told me I should definitely call them or the insurance company.  So I decided to be brave and just do it.  I called and the lady confirmed that the insurance wasn’t going to cover any of it. I said ok and hung up.  About three seconds later she called me back and told me that she would give me a discount! There wasn’t any reason for it – it was just another blessing poured down upon us from Heavenly Father.  We are truly blessed.

Lesson learned:
This past weekend we drove down to Utah to get our taxes done.  Justin’s brother and wife came with us.  As we were all packing up and getting ready to leave I received a prompting.  A very loud and sudden thought came into my head:  You should ask Chauncey and Mallory if they have their tax papers.  I thought yeah, that is a good idea.  But I didn’t act on it right away.  About 10 minutes later I received the same thought, this time a little less loud and clear.  Again, I thought yes I should but they were not right by me so I didn’t.  I forgot about it and received the thought one last time.  This time I told Justin…but not them.  As we were driving down, about an hour away from Rexburg, Chauncey told us that they forgot their tax papers.  So we had to turn around and decided to just leave early in the morning.  I felt bad because I realized that I had received promptings that would have helped us; but because I didn’t act on them we lost a couple hours of driving time.  Lesson learned…I hope.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Justin!

This handsome man had a birthday on Feb 24th! Happy birthday to my most sweet, most handsome, most amazing husband in the world. I love him so much..

He went to a hunting expo with his dad and brother the weekend right before his birthday, so I had all his presents out in the living room with some balloons and a birthday banner to surprise him.

I got him some chocolates, a movie and a helicopter.  I thought I got him a smaller one, but it was huge and very powerful!

He had so much fun flying it around!

Here it is in the air.

I also made him his favorite cake.  A Devil's food cake with a can of sweet and condensed milk poured over it, a layer of cool whip, topped with heath bars. Delicious.  

I love this man!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mini roping dummy

The other day Justin and his brother, Chauncey, built a mini roping dummy.  They had so much fun building it and it was pretty inexpensive to buy all of the things they needed.  We all had so much fun practicing on it.  A great evening of fun.

Although it has 6 legs...it's awesome.  The very back legs move just like a real dummy.

Don't mind our mess apartment...we have a lot of stuff...