Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Cowboy

These pictures are from the spring semester. They are from Justin's horse training final. I could never go watch him when he would train his horse, cowboy, because I'm always at work.  But, I finally was able to make it to his final because it was at night!

He looked so good and did such a good job! His horse has a very dominant personality: he told me stories about how it would square up and try to charge him at the beginning. But after working with him all semester, he was so much better! 

My awesome cowboy husband!

So handsome :)

When the sprinklers came on his horse would freak out for a little bit. I missed the first freak out, which was the best. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thanks Papa Holt!

Justin's dad got me a sweet binocular case! My first hunting gear ever! Since then I have also acquired a gun, and a camo shirt, and Justin's old binoculars. Awesome

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Check out my gun!

My handsome husband

Shooting my new gun for the first time

The people in that white vehicle behind me were also crazy and instead of turning to shoot their clay pigeons towards the hill once we pulled up, they stayed turned towards us...good one guys.

My amazing parents got me a .22 rifle for my birthday! Best present ever! So we went and shot it one weekend.  It's awesome and I love it and I love my parents and I'm so happy! My very first gun and now I can be a true Holt. We had to leave early from our adventures though, because there were some crazy people shooting at us. Well they were on the other side of the hill, but we could hear their ricochet coming over the top of the hill and buzz by our heads.