Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine's Day

After a long hard day of work, I came home to this:

I have the sweetest husband in the whole world! He made my Valentine's Day so amazing. We had a candlelight picnic dinner and watched a movie. He also got me chocolates.  What an amazing man I have married! I love him so much! Thank you Justin for the most amazing Valentine's Day I have ever had! It was perfect.

Monday, February 18, 2013

More from our George Strait trip

We were lucky enough to be able to spend a couple days in Utah after the concert.  We stayed with Ash and we got to hang out with Ben and Matt! It was such a fun weekend! So fun to be with everyone (we sure did miss the Paganos and the parents though).

Cute Tay-tay

Cameron saw my camo shirt and he was so excited because he thought I looked like the lizard-man from spiderman.  So then he had to wear his lizard-man costume and then he made me batman. So yes, I am Batman.

Cam jam was being so silly. But I wanted to get a picture with both of them.

It had been two years since I had seen this beautiful face! So great to hang out with Ben. yay!


Matt! I love my brothers! Let's be honest, I love my whole family! It's always so fun to be with family.

In honor of our reunion we took a lot of silly pictures. hahaha just like old times

We played lots of games and just hung out. It made me so happy.  One of my favorite parts was driving Ben and Matt back to Provo and having dance parties in the car. Awesome. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Last week I got off work early so we decided to go to the temple.  We hadn’t been in a while and I was feeling like I really needed to go.  I had a couple things that were worrying me and stressing me out.  Because it’s winter, things are slower at work so I haven’t been getting as many hours…so our income is a lot lower than it usually is each month.  I also hadn’t gotten a raise in a long time, so I was trying to decide if I should ask for one or find a different job that might pay more.  The problem is that it’s Rexburg and for one it’s hard to even find a job, let alone a good paying one.  So we went to the temple.  I prayed about my situation and I instantly felt an amazing peace and calm come over me.  It was such a great feeling and I knew that everything would be okay.  Then next day I got my check in the mail and my boss had given me a raise! It was such a great blessing and confirmed to me how the Lord is always willing to help us.  Sometimes we just need to ask.  I am so grateful for temples and this gospel because it brings peace, comfort, hope and joy into my life.  I know now that I need to stay with this job and that everything is going to work out.  We are always taken care of and blessed.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair cut

So the lady (I should say girl) who was cutting my hair today asked me how old I was. I said 25. Then she said, "Do you miss being younger?" .....what!? really? So apparently I am an old lady. hahaha I just said nope...good times.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

George Strait Concert!

Yes it's true! Justin and I saw George Strait in concert on January 25th 2013.  Best. Concert. Ever. Seriously it was amazing.  It was kind of an impulse decision, but worth every penny we spent.  It was to celebrate our 1st anniversary. We had amazing seats on the floor! I even touched his hand! We were right by the aisle where he walked down and I stuck my hand out as far as I could and waved it around and he touched it! Wahoo. 

Justin's excited face attempt #1 (haha this is my favorite)

Justin's excited face attempt #2

we were so close! he is a lot shorter than we were expecting. But he was amazing and it's so sad that he is retiring. What a man.

We got there very early because we wanted to beat the traffic and get a good parking spot. So we brought a card game and played in the car. 

We ran into Lori, Rod, Mickey, Jessica, Josh Monk and his friend. How fun to see family.

Martina McBride was the opener and she was also amazing!

What a great day! We had so much fun.

Fun moment: This random person stopped us on the street and asked us what was going on. haha he wanted to know why there were so many cowboys. awesome.