Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Justin turns 29!

Justin turned 29 on Feb 24th! What a handsome man! On his actual birthday he was very busy and gone most of the day. I made one of his favorite dinners (white chicken enchiladas) and his cake (heath cake). I also cleaned and organized our house. He also opened his gift from me...not that exciting this year because we are tight on money. He recently plasti dipped the thunderbird, so all the plasti dip was his gift.  The next day we had some friends and family over to have some cake. I'm so glad he was born and that I am lucky enough to be his wife. I love you so much Justin! Happy Birthday.

Joe holding Colter, Brennen, Chauncey

Gulia, Joe holding Colter, Brennen



David, Julia, Colter