Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Homeless in NYC

So I had another crazy dream last night...it's a frequent occurrence. It started off with me working for the railroad company. I was digging out the rocks and stones underneath the railroad because we were relocating it or something. My cousin, Luke, was also there and I remember it being really hot, but then they supplied us with some candy and water. Then while I was digging the underneath of the rails turned into a sort of mine looking place and it was suddenly air conditioned and lit up...random and weird.

Then my brain shifted gears and suddenly I was wandering around NYC and I noticed two children, a brother and sister, around 10 and 12 years of age also wandering around. I noticed that they were begging for money so I decided to go help them out. I realized that they were orphans and homeless...just like me. So I told them that I would take care of them and to follow me because I knew the best sleeping spots. So we were wandering around and I helped them steal a jacket and blanket from this old looking store. But I didn't realize that this store had a special kind of security system...it was a cat. So this cat runs out of the store to go and tell the owner as soon as we had taken the jacket and blanket and we knew we were in trouble. So I told them to run and I would buy them some time by talking to the owner. So I was explaining how lovely all of the items in the store were to the owner while these two kids were climbing onto the roof...weird. Then I somehow escaped and met up with them and we were at one of my favorite sleeping spots, when the owner of the store found us and we knew we were busted...then I woke up. Awesome.

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