Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Semester Ends...

Our apartment was in a prank war with an apartment of guys in our ward...we had some good ones. They got us one night by filling our apartment with confetti. We pranked them by saran wrapping their cars, beds, books, among other things in their apartment. We also pulled many other pranks on them. It was good times.

I got wrapped in saran wrap...good times? yeah. but this was not connected to the prank wars. Just a crazy night in apartment 108.

We all went and watched Avatar. I loved it! In fact, it was so good that we decided to dress up like avatars and then we went and shot glass plates....you know, normal things.

At the end of March I went on a backpacking/camping trip with my basic skills class. I had a 50 pound bag and we hiked 5 miles into our campsite. It was exhausting, a little cold at night, but so beautiful and so much fun. Oh yeah, Jeff decided to see if I fit in the backpack I would be carrying. I did! It wasn't very comfortable, but still...

This semester has been such a great one. I was blessed with awesome roommates and great friends. My finals week was the easiest it's ever been, which was awesome. My classes were awesome (meats and animal reproduction especially) and I just loved this semester. I am so grateful for everything I have learned and all that I was blessed with.

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