Monday, August 2, 2010

Boston and the beach

One night Jen, Cassi and I went out to eat at this delicious Italian restaurant. It was so del-yummy. Then we went to this pastry shop and each got a delicious treat. But then we had to find somewhere to eat it and it had been raining very hard so everything was wet. So we invented a way to stay dry and sat on our umbrellas! Brilliant.

On saturday we all went to the beach! We were planning on going to this one beach, but then we got we wound up at this other beach. But it was amazing and really pretty and we got to climb on sweet rocks! I loved it. The water was freezing cold, but after climbing on the rocks I jumped in because I needed a cool down.

Our triumphant, successful, and noble climb to the lighthouse type thing (seen in the picture below)

Cassi, Jane, Jen, Steph, Carter...(I look very short, well I am short, but more so than usual. haha)

P.S. Inception was amazing! It has revolutionized the way I dream. So good!

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