Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Pealing oranges to make delicious fresh juiced orange juice! Delicious

me and the bros

Matt showing off his new long johns. Now is the time when on sprockets ven ve dance...

check out my new socks to wear with my cowboy boots! awesome. I also got a sweet action guitar chord book and jason mraz and cat stevens books.

Here are just a couple of some of the pictures from this Christmas. It was a good one. I just love Christmas and I love being able to relax and be with the family and have a little break from school. It's awesome. Life is great! In case you are wondering what I am wearing in all these pictures, we call it the penguin suit. It is very warm! We very much missed the rusts and paganos being with us. Happy Christmas! It even snowed a little Christmas morn, even though it didn't stick, it was better than nothing.