Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't be Jealous...

This is the very ancient and ghetto swather that I am privileged to drive. It's exciting and often gets plugged up. A great adventure.

Me and Karen at the top of Shepherds Monument

The other day we all hiked up to the shepherd's monument. This cool place is where the shepherds used to watch their sheep I guess. I carried Gracie most of the way up the hill because she had flip flops on. That was a good work out.

Gracie, Me and Katie
(Melisa and Gary have five kids and we are fast becoming friends. It's awesome)

The professional fencing crew. We fixed many miles of fence. We even made it through many deep coulees (as they call them here in Montana) and although there were times I thought the 4-wheeler would roll, it never did! We are awesome.

Thought I would upload some pictures of the ranch that I am internshipping (is that a word?) at this summer. It is a very beautiful ranch!

There is a plethora of antelope at the ranch

This is where I dwell.

The other day Bob and I were driving back to his house in the little Buick car. He decided to go off the road to look at a bull, but drove into the largest hole ever. So we were very stuck and had no means of communication. So I had to run about 2.5 miles to his house. It was a grand old adventure. haha love it.


  1. Stephanie Goodson, I am in love with you. Also, next time you blog, you should tell us more about the people you work and live with. Just a thought...

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! I'm glad you're there and living your dreams!! :)