Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fun times amidst the stress

So there is only about 2 1/2 more weeks left in the semester. Although this is very exciting, it also means that there are finals coming up, research papers due, lots of tests and projects. Good times. I can feel some stress, but mostly I am excited to be graduating! After seven long years my college career is coming to an end. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have learned so much and have grown as a person, but I'm excited to be done. But I just wanted to share some pictures that make me laugh. Justin and I are still able to be silly and have a good times despite the stress of the end of the semester. we're awesome. p.s. only 28 days till we are married! holla

Last night I was trying to find my gauze pads to put in my wrist brace because it was cutting the circulation in my thumb and we were going to fix it (which we did by the way-thanks Justin!) In the process, Justin and I found some of my dad's awesome old glasses and he tried them on and this is what followed:

haha I think he will be an adorable old man. Don't you?

this picture just makes me laugh

This next batch is from way back in Halloween. We should have been doing homework, but instead we took creepy pictures. win.

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  1. I remember those glasses! And how did Justin get his face to be all shadowy and creepy? The last one looks like he has big gashes on his cheeks and they are dripping blood. Sexy.