Sunday, April 22, 2012

Skunks and butchering

We had to butcher this yearling because it had a very bad broken foot.

It was kind of on the fight when I first found it hidden in the trees. But we got her out and then Justin shot it.

Then we cut the jugular and hung it up with the tractor.  It was Justin's first time butchering a cow so I coached him through it the best I could.

We didn't skin it because the neighbors were going to finish it up for us. We just had to kill it and gut it...cute coveralls, right? haha but they saved me from freezing.

This is our creation: a skunk trap. We sort of invented it and tried to catch the two skunks that always hung out in the barn.  

We even built another one and put it in the barn.  But the skunks were too lazy and never climbed up the board so we didn't ever catch one.

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