Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recent accomplishments

Here are some recent accomplishments in our lives:

1) Justin was voted the CEO of his taco business.  He had to start and run a business for his IBC classes this semester.  They are selling authentic tacos on campus.  So far they are doing really well! I'm so proud of my husband.  He is such an amazing leader :)
2) I was able to get my saddle on my horse the other day! First time ever. I had been pitch-forking straw for about a week straight. I guess I got stronger, because I have never been able to get my saddle on my horse (I am so short).  But now I can! woot
3) I am now an official hunter.  I just finished taking the online hunter safety class and the field test. I passed! We just went and bought my hunting license the other day.  I am excited/nervous!
4) Justin is doing an amazing job of balancing life.  He is so busy with school and his business, but he still finds time to hang out with me.  I love him so much! What an amazing man I married.

we're awesome!

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