Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Christmas

I found some more pictures from our Christmas at the Holts. Enjoy

Justin got me a sweet matching cowboy trash can and soap dispenser.

He also got me an xbox 360 with a guitar for Beatles rockband

I got him a very nice razor that won't give him a rash on his neck, some broad heads, and shooting muffs.

Chauncey and Mal got Justin a hunting game and a gun for our xbox 360

I got a sweet recipe book and a meat mallet from mama Holt

Chauncey and Mal also got us this huge box of food! Exciting

We all pitched in and got Linda a bunch of new pillows to put on the beds for when hunters come

Our awesome Goodson family reunion book from Marg/Mama Goodson. Love it!

This is capturing the madness of 2 tv screens and two games hooked up at the same time.  All of the boys loved this and were able to play all together on two screens.

 We also did a white elephant gift exchange with everyone
This was one of the best gifts - a huge leopard onesie 

This was one of the gifts we brought. A weird shower cap. haha

We also played a game. The boys and girls were on teams and had to dress someone up in a Christmas theme. I am a Christmas tree...and I am not sure what Justin is. Awesome

It was a wonderful Christmas.

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