Saturday, February 1, 2014

2 years!

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary the other weekend.  It was the best weekend ever! What a wonderful 2 years it has been.  We are truly blessed. I love being married to my best friend.  Justin is such a sweet, handsome, helpful, amazing husband.  I love you dear!
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Our breakfast in bed room service!

Sweet fireplace and cow rug

Heart shaped jacuzzi 

cow rug

Justin and I finally celebrated our 2nd anniversary today! We decided to wait so that we could be with family during Christmas.  It was the best weekend of my life and worth the wait! I enjoyed having Justin for a whole two days all to myself! I love my sweet husband so much. We drove into St. George and got a 50 minute deep tissue couples massage. It was amazing! My neck, shoulders, and calves hurt the most during the massage.  We were wishing we had gotten the longer 80-minute one.  It was a wonderful and much needed gift for both of us.  We also got a dark chocolate candy and some hot chocolate after the massage.  It was fancy.

We had then planned on grabbing something to eat really quick and then going to watch the second Hobbit movie at 3:35pm.  So we shared a meal at Panda Express and then went to the movie theater.  Unfortunately our online source lied to us and they weren’t even showing The Hobbit.  But they told us of a different theater that was showing it at 6:35pm.  So we went and checked in at a Best Western.  They only had anniversary suites available, but we got a discount. It was the most fancy room we have ever stayed in. There was a cow rug, a fireplace, a king size bed, a heart shaped Jacuzzi.  It was awesome.  We were laughing about how we booked the most ghetto rooms for our honeymoon. Haha lesson learned.  We booked them online and got them because they were cheap, but the pictures looked nice.  But then when we got there we feared for our lives.  It was a good experience, and now we know not to book hotel rooms online. So we were feeling very fancy in our anniversary suite.

Then we went and watched The Hobbit II.  We loved it! The ending left us hanging.  It is such a treat for us to go and watch a movie in the theater these days.  This was a weekend of splurging and enjoying each other’s company.  Then Justin took me to the Olive Garden for dinner.  I recently added wheat back into my diet, so I haven’t been able to get enough of Italian foods and things I have been missing.  It was delicious, but we both ate way too much.  I also ate my first piece of candy for my anniversary gift.  Delicious!

We enjoyed getting room service and breakfast in bed.  We were both very full from yesterday, but we ate what we could.  I love room service.  That was one of my favorite parts on our cruise for our honeymoon.  How fun to eat breakfast in bed! After we checked out we went to a shoe store to try to find some boots for Justin.  They didn’t have the size he needed, but he talked me into to buying the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  It feels like I am walking on clouds.  They are sketchers go walk brand. I don’t like to spend money on myself, but I’m glad he talked me into getting them.  It feels much better on my broken foot too! Bonus. What a sweet husband I have.  

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  1. You guys are awesome. Happy 2 years!! It's crazy that its been that long.