Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas at Bear Lake Part I

There will probably be many posts about this years Christmas. It was so amazing! My amazing parents rented a cabin at Bear Lake and we were all able to make it! (Except Matt who is on his mission) We stayed for two weeks and it was the most wonderful two weeks ever! We were in charge of bringing all of the presents that were shipped to our address. Our car was packed to the fullest. Good thing Justin has a talent of packing things into tight spaces; I could have never fit all the presents. He is awesome. It was so great to be able to see everyone! 

The pillow blocks the awesomeness of this pack job

Baby Jake! He is so cute and I loved holding him. Such a happy and chill baby. Justin and I hope our baby is as chill and happy as he is.

Andrew and Bradley

Mike and Bradley

Steph and Justin

Baby Jake, Marg, and Dad

Andrew, Ben, Cameron

Jake and Ashley

Mom and Baby Jake

Dad and Baby Jake

Baby Jake and Taylor

Steph, Baby Jake, Dad
Grandma Farr

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