Monday, January 18, 2016

9 month old Weston

We love our Weston. He has such a sweet and fun personality. I love that he is getting more talkative. He crawls all over and loves exploring. He basically never stops moving. He is getting so good at entertaining himself, which is amazing! We love our sweet boy!

9 month old Weston: 
  •          has finally cut his first tooth! (actually he has one on the bottom and one on the top poking through)
  •        can walk around all over if he’s holding onto something
  •        is starting to laugh more
  •        is still sleeping all night long
  •        takes 2 good naps during the day
  •        eats a lot of food
  •        can shake his head “no”
  •        can wave goodbye or goodnight

9 month stats (but really 9.5 months):
weight: 19.3 lbs (25%)
height: 28.54 inches (50%)
head: 17.87 inches (50%)

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