Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hilarious Tuesdays

Sorry about the delay in rodeo pictures and videos...I'm working on it.

Today I got out of my foundation capstone class a little early, so I took my sweet time walking to my next class. I got there and no one was there. When I looked at the clock I realized I was 15 minutes early (or so I thought). So I sat down and checked my e-mail and rested my little eyes. Later, I was wondering why no one was coming and why class was not starting. Suddenly! I realized that I went to the wrong class. hahahahahahaha I had a good laugh. So I booked it over to my real class and was about 15 minutes late. It was a good "just laugh about it" moment. And so I did, I laughed very hard. It's funny. Oh Tuesdays. I was on campus from 10am-7pm today...normal things. Also exhausting. But life is good.

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  1. This is possibly my favorite story on here!! Along with the bull riding, of course. Seriously, I've done this before...probably more than once. I'm glad I'm not the only one!! :)