Saturday, January 23, 2010

A fantastic weekend

So yes. I drove to Canada last weekend, for the long weekend (thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.) to go see Rachel Johnson before she leaves me forever on her mission. I am very proud of her for serving the Lord and she is going to make the best missionary ever! We had a grand old time. I got to check off something on my bucket list: snowshoeing. Check. It was awesome. Also I had Tim Tam Slam Bams for the first time ever and they are delicious! It was just a grand old time and I'm going to miss that kid. Best. Weekend. Ever. I wish I could have stayed longer, but school was calling me back home. Here are some pictures from our adventures:


  1. So fun! Awww... I'm gonna miss Rachel too. Canada looks beautiful!

  2. I hope you got a stamp in that passport of yours! You and Rach are such a looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Miss you both.