Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adventure Date

A while ago our ward had an auction, well it was supposed to be an auction, but really it was just a raffle. And each apartment raffled of something. My apartment decided to do an adventure date, so last weekend, it finally happened. We were all princesses and the guys apartment were princes and they had to rescue us in different spots on campus. We left clues everywhere that they had to follow and then they had to complete different tasks. It was awesome and they got so into it, which made it even better! Each of the princesses were also tied up in some way, so they princes had to untie them.

Me and Angie were the queens and we set up a delicious dinner and once they had rescued all the princesses they all met us there. This is when we knighted them for rescuing the princesses.

This was when they had to free princess Lauren, put they weren't allowed to use their hands.

It was quite the night of adventure, rescue, dinner, and danger. Good times all around.

They had to paint their fingernails for one of their tasks.

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