Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long night?

Parts of my dreams last night included:

- running to the beach in a sand filled swimsuit
- jumping into the ocean, only to land back on the shore...tricky
- wearing my BYU-I shorts to the beach and thinking how they will wonder why they smell like salt and are covered in sand when I return them
- living in a dungeon type apt. with a window that constantly had icicles and snow on it, even in the summer. then running into the previous girl who lived there and she told me how in the winter it floods very easily. kickin'
- seeing the coolest and longest comet blaze across the sky!
- trying to show my mom the comet's path with a laser didn't work very well
- getting on a spaceship and heading to saturn (apparently the air is breathe-able according to my subconscious)

wow. I had a lot of dreams last night. Thank you subconscious. Thank you for making my sleep very interesting to make up for my boring, study filled waking life. I appreciate it.


  1. You have the best dreams. I wish I could remember mine better, but reading about yours almost makes up for that. You complete me.

  2. Cool stuff. Late night I had a dream too (must be the phase of the moon or something) - playing ultimate with a gray felt hat (hard to get much distance on that) and then being attacked by millions of bats (the flying kind, not baseball kind). Also, it's hard to run very fast in dreams...

    Thanks for sharing!