Saturday, September 10, 2011

Glacier National Park Part II

Glacier Park was too beautiful to not go back again. So we did. We stopped by on our way to Rexburg.

Seriously amazing. Breathtaking. I love this world. On this days adventure we saw a huge grizzly and her two cubs about 30 feet away from us. I wanted to get closer and give it a hug, but Justin saved my life and we quickly went back down the trail. Good call. Then we told this guy coming up the trail that there was a grizzly and cubs and he said, "sweet. that's the money shot." so then we did try to get closer....but it was ok because he had bear spray. haha and he handed me his tripod so that I could beat it away. haha he was awesome. But the bears had already crossed the trail and were long gone. sad day.

I also caught a snake. Just a little guy. A great day of adventures

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