Monday, May 14, 2012

Diamond Rio Concert and Uncle Roy

My most amazing Uncle Roy gave us this very sweet Indian blanket and belt buckles. We decided to wear them to the Diamond Rio concert, which was also amazing.  It was fun to have a little date night in our lives where we have no time. I work all day everyday (I leave the house at 7:15 and usually don't get back until 6ish) except Sundays and Justin does homework all day everyday. 

As a side note I am working on a ranch (Riverbend Ranch) near Idaho Falls.  I love ranch work because it makes me stronger, I get to be outside, and I love working with cattle and learning new skills. I am in charge of feeding the cows and get to drive the feed truck and load it with the daily rations.  

Are we legit? Or not...

We got to meet the keyboard player in the band after the concert. There is a family connection on Justin's side. I was so nervous.

It was an amazing concert! I have always been a huge Diamond Rio fan and they were amazing live and had very cool harmonies. 

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  1. my parents were at that concert. also you are soooo funny. i forgot how funny. i hope justin appreciates it.