Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A day at work

Today at work we got to A.I (artificial insemination) about 130 cows.  I was in charge of giving the shots and keeping them moving through the chute.  At the very end my boss let me A.I one! I took a class in school, but haven't had the chance to practice and perfect this talent. So I was a little rusty, but I was successful! I can't wait for more opportunities. Life is good.

Sometimes I don't enjoy that I have to work.  I get tired and sometimes work is a bummer. But today driving home I realized that I am very blessed. Here are some reasons why:
- I found a job very quickly
- It is something I enjoy (I get to work with cows and be outside and apply all the knowledge I learned in school).
- I am able to work while Justin goes to school
- I have the coolest boss every, who is so chill and very understanding and gives me time off whenever I need it.
- It's not minimum wage

So many other things. We are very blessed. Life is good.

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