Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Wind Caves

Before the hike

Robbie and Jenna next to Paul Bunion's loaf of bread

Rearranging the backpack

The bottom of a waterfall

The cave entrance 

Army crawling

The Pit

I wish I would have taken a picture of Justin climbing up the other side. What a man.
He free climbed it even though it was wet and slippery.  Then he tied a rope at the top so that I was able to make it up safely. 

hahahahaha creepy eyes because it was so dark

this is our second attempt to have less creepy eyes...Justin did way better

We went to some very sweet caves called the wind caves.  Robbie and Jenna Thompson took us.  It was about a 2-hour hike up to the cave.  It was a beautiful hike, but the combination of altitude and the fact that I was just recovering from a sinus infection made it hard to breathe.  But we finally made it and it was so worth it!  The caves were rugged and there were a couple parts where you had to army crawl through.  It was awesome. We all had headlamps because you had to use your hands to either crawl or climb through the cave.  Then there is a part that is a pit and to keep going you have to climb down one side and up the other side.  But it was wet and slippery and there was only a ghetto rope on the side closet to us.  But Justin and I decided to just go for it.  He was brave and went first.  He free climbed up the other side and attached a rope that we brought so I could make it up easier.  Going down the one side was very scary because there were no foot holds and it was so slippery; basically you had to use all upper body strength and lower yourself down by going hand over hand down the rope. Scary.  Luckily Robbie had gone down before me and could catch me at the bottom (plus the rope didn’t quite reach to the ground).  Coming back up that side was even harder and scarier because you had to pull yourself up with only your arm strength.  But we made it and no one died or got hurt! Bonus.

Once on the other side of the pit, Justin and I had a hard time figuring out how to get past this one part until these climbers from the other side came through.  It was scary though because there was a huge drop off below us that we couldn’t see the bottom of.  But we went a ways and it was sweet.  Such a fun trip and it wouldn’t have been possible without Jenna and Robbie because we had no idea how to get there.  We all went to dinner at a place in Driggs once we got back to the cars.  Thanks Robbie and Jenna for such a great and adventurous day.

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