Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thompson Family Reunion

This past week was a crazy one! We were very busy, but had lots of fun. On Wednesday we went to the Days of '47 Rodeo with Nick and Chels and their family. I love rodeos! Weston took a little nap during it, which was impressive because it was very loud. Weston loved the bull riding.

This was during the bull riding. He's so happy :)

We stayed with Chauncey and Mallory on Thursday and Friday night. We went on a walk Friday night. Weston was so happy and content to just chew on the carrier. We ran into some people from our ward, which was so fun.

Emma holding Weston...he wasn't so sure about that

Saturday we went to Pocatello for a Thompson Family Reunion. It was so fun to see everyone before we head to Missouri. Hooray for family.

Weston and Braden

All the little cousins (2nd cousins?)...no one knows how that works
They are all less than a year apart and all boys!

Weston only took little power naps, so he was a tired little guy. At least he was so sweet. He loves being outside.

Holt men huddle (minus Eric)

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  1. So, the park that you went to was literally 2 blocks away from the house that we just moved out of. We left Pocatello a month ago and now I feel so bad we didn't do anything while we were there. We'll be up in Northern Idaho, though, so we'll have to do something. Weston is so adorable.