Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weston: 5 months

Weston is 5 months old! We feel so lucky and blessed to have his sweet personality and spirit in our homes. He is a very sweet and chill baby. He is getting more active and likes to be entertained these days. He gets bored easier these days. I went and got all the toys out that Marg gave us. Anything new is exciting to him. We love our little Weston so much! I can’t imagine life without him!

Here are some things about 5 month old Weston:
  1. -       he loves to be outside
  2. -       he is squawking a lot these days
  3. -       he tries to sing along with you when you sing
  4. -       he loves music
  5. -       he has learned how to blow bubbles and does that a lot
  6. -       goes down for naps so sweetly and without a pacifier
  7. -       still wakes up 3 times every night to eat
  8. -       has started eating baby food and loves each kind he tries
  9. -       he is the sweetest boy; we love him so much!
  10. -       he is so handsome
  11. -       not a snuggly guy anymore; he likes to be facing forward and see where he’s going and what is going on
  12. -       likes to stand with assistance
  13. -       gets bored of a toy after not too long; likes to be entertained
  14. -       he is fascinated by my hair
                      Now prepare for a picture overload...

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