Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weston: 7 months

Weston turned 7 months at the end of October. He is getting so big! I can't believe it. He is crawling around like crazy now. Just recently he has started pulling himself up into the standing position. I can't believe it! We love having him in our home and part of our family. He has such a sweet spirit and brings such joy into our lives. I can't imagine life without him. We are so blessed!

7 month old Weston:
  •        is army crawling like a pro (he’s getting very fast and can go anywhere he wants now)
  •        sleeps from 7pm-7am (finally sleeping all night! Yay!)
  •        gets pretty grumpy right before his bedtime
  •        very sweet and happy (unless he’s tired or hungry)
  •        he is eating a lot (loves banana, pear, sweet potato, and carrot flavored baby food)
  •        takes 2 to 3 very short naps
  •        is drooling a lot (teething)
  •        loves checking the mailbox
  •        loves being outside
  •        loves playing with leaves
  •        loves bath time
  •        he keeps us laughing
  •        likes to squawk really loud

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