Monday, December 14, 2015

8 month old Weston

This is a little late. Weston turned 8 months old on November 30th. Weston has such a sweet personality. He is very busy and doesn’t really like to sit still (unless he is eating and even then, only sometimes). We love our little Weston so much! He brings so much joy and laughter into our home.

8 month old Weston:
  •     is getting braver and more adventurous (he likes to try to crawl over and on top of anything and everything that he can)
  •      can pull himself up and then walk around if he’s holding onto something
  •        loves eating real food (cheerios and Clementine’s are a favorite, but basically any real food)
  •        is crawling everywhere
  •        gets into everything
  •        every time the fridge or bathroom door is open he tries to get to it as fast as he can (because he isn’t allowed in those places)
  •        when I open the dishwasher he comes and “helps” by taking out all the silverware
  •        learned how to fake cry
  •        is learning how to throw things
  •        can play by himself for a long time (but likes me to be in the same room)
  •        is a momma’s boy
  •        still sleeps all night (from 7pm until between 6-6:45am)
  •        still not a big laugher (but he smiles all the time)
  •        still doesn’t like to cuddle (unless we are carrying him outside and it’s cold; he has also started to give me quick little hugs which are so sweet)
  •        likes to give soft head bonks (especially to himself in the mirror)
  •        takes 2 naps (around 9am and 1pm)

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