Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Archives Museum

So some of my cousins are here visiting us in Virginia, which means that everyday is a new adventure in D.C. It's awesome. Yesterday, we went to the archive museum, Museum of Natural History, and the air and space museum. While I was wandering around this section of the archives museum, a funny moment happened. This lady was intently watching a video and listening to it with a phone. There was another phone next to her, so I picked it up and then saw some pretty buttons...So I pushed one of the buttons, not thinking, and it changed the video she was watching. hahahaha my bad. She just looked at me funny and I said I was so sorry and I had no idea it was going to stop her video. She said it was okay and then just explained to me how it worked. hahaha awesome. I felt a little bad, and apologized a million times, but mostly I just thought the whole situation was hilarious. It was a good one.

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