Thursday, July 29, 2010


So last weekend I had a grand adventure and took the bus up to NYC, then took the train into NJ to see my dear old friend, Cassi! Then Cassi, Carter and I drove up to Boston to see another old friend, Jen, from freshman year. It was a weekend full of memories, adventure, learning and good times. We went to Harvard campus and Cassi brought a book to tell us about all the buildings. This is the Widener Memorial Library named after Harry Widener who died on the Titanic. We are holding our breath in this picture because rumor has it Harry couldn't swim 50 yards to the boat...bummer.

Then we all took turns posing like statues.

This is an arch that when you whisper in one side the person on the other side can hear you. awesome. It was so fun to see old friends and to be able to see Boston, I had never been before. more pictures to come...

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  1. Hey! So turns out that the fountain WAS donated by Obert C. Tanner! It's an O. C. Tanner fountain! How cool is that?!