Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Something you should know about me, if you don't already, is that I have dreams that I usually remember every single night. Sometimes they are crazy, sometimes wierd, sometimes funny, sometimes random, sometimes out of control and I worry about my subconscious, and sometimes normal dreams...if there is such a thing as a normal dream. Originally my good friend Cassi told me my blog should be a place where I could share these dreams with whoever reads this...but I forgot about that until just now. So here are two of my dreams from just the other night that I had:

(warning: most of my dreams don't really make sense, so don't judge me. They are just dreams after all...right?)

1) Cassi had sent me her whole wardrobe, who knows why, and I was trying everything on and she was explaining what went together best and how it all worked. So I tried on this fancy white coat and Whitney (a friend from freshman year) started making fun of it and how ridiculous it made me look. Then, suddenly, I was walking behind a huge crowd of people who were all seating and facing a podium. Cassi was at the podium and had been asked to say a few words to all of these people. But we weren't sure whether it was a funeral or a graduation, or she just said, "Live everyday like it's your last." Then she did a sweet dance move! ba hahaha

2) There were different apartments/groups and they each had to complete a project. Our apt sang a song and played different instruments, I played the recorder. One group procrastinated, so I thought I would help them. They were trying to sculpt something and paint we mixed blue, red, and yellow paint - which made it black...tricky. But the paint was hardening too fast and so it ended up looking like a volcano/dinosaur and we kept stabbing it with our paintbrushes to add more blue paint. Well they all got in trouble for not having it done because it ended up being a disaster...and I almost got blamed but the teacher remembered my stellar recorder playing from earlier.

Lesson from this dream....don't procrastinate? or learn to play the recorder?

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