Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here are some awesome things about Rexburg:
1) the sidewalks are actually made out of ice and so I get to ice skate to and from classes
2) I was told today that for this week I have to leave the vans running at the livestock center while we are in class so that we won't have to worry about if they will start in the cold weather. It makes them very warm and toasty.
3) At one point today it felt like -23 degrees

Awesome things of today:
1) In my morning class my teacher let us out early and then we all ate bratwurst that he had made! It was delicious
2) After devotional, this jimmy johns guys was handing out free sandwiches!!! Hooray for free food
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  1. this makes me so sick. yuck yuck i hate the snow. i am so over the cold. OVER IT!