Monday, February 28, 2011

WIld Montana Skies

This last weekend I went up to very northern Montana to check out an internship on a cattle ranch. It is awesome! It's a 15,000 acre ranch with about 500 head of cattle. It is very isolated; the closet town is Shelby and it's about 30 min from the Canadian border. The manager is an awesome 80 year old guy named Bob. I would be staying in a sweet house that is on the ranch.

I drove up with two girls and we stayed at one of the girls grandparents house in Helena. It was a sweet house and this is the view outside of their window.

My responsibilities on the ranch would include typical ranch stuff: fixing fences, fixing the barn, farming, herding the cattle, brandings, etc. I am so excited and hope that everything works out! It's too good to be true. It will also be really good experience and I am excited to learn so much more about cattle ranching. Also, Montana is beautiful.

It made me so happy to be able to sit by a cozy fire and fall asleep with its warming rays. So cozy and awesome. We were also fed amazing Philippine food. Delicious! It was a trip well worth all of the driving! I'm glad I went and checked it out.

"Oh montana, give this child a home....give her a fire in her heart, give her a light in her eyes. Give her the wild wind for a brother and the wild montana skies." - John Denver

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  1. Wow! Sounds like this place is right up your ally!

    When are we going to hang out???