Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bill Cosby and Father's Day

Excited faces.
 We went to a Bill Cosby concert the other night for a date night. We laughed pretty hard.

This is our scared faces.


Happy Husband Day...aka Father's Day. I made Justin a ghetto candy bouquet. haha I had to use newspaper as the stems because I couldn't find the dowel things. Good times.

Such a handsome husband I have

On a side note. I have the greatest Dad in the whole world. I am so lucky to have him as my father. He can always make me laugh and has such a great sense of humor. He has always been such a great example to me and a rock that I can always lean on. He is an amazing musician and knows everything about all kinds of music. He also knows everything about everything. Probably the smartest man in the world...just sayin. What an amazing dad! I love you dad!

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