Sunday, January 6, 2013

Part I of Christmas Vacation: The Rusts

This year we went to Caliente for Christmas.  I was able to get 2 weeks off of work, which was amazing and very needed. Although I got tonsillitis again, it was still a wonderful vacation.  We spent the first few days of our trip at Ashley and Jake’s. It was so great to be with family. I love those guys.  Cameron and Taylor are getting so big.  It’s so fun to play with them – they are very different little personalities. Taylor is a girly girl but isn’t afraid to stick up for herself when Cameron is giving her a hard time; she can be feisty.  But she is a sweety and LOVES to read books. One night we read all of the books that she could find at least twice.  Cameron is so fun to play with – he has an amazing imagination and loves his dinosaurs and action figures.  We had them for Christmas so they opened the gifts we got them while we were there.  Cameron loved his Ironman action figure we got him.  We got Taylor a little red purse and some bracelets.  We gave Jake a golf ball retriever that extends really far.  We gave Ashley The Hunger Games movie and a toilet bowl cleaner and some earrings.  It was fun to shop for them and get to see their faces as they opened their gifts.

We were all so surprised that when we first got there none of us were sick.  That seems to be the tradition – one of us is usually sick when we visit.  But then Cameron got pink eye and my tonsils started to swell…tradition is still kept alive. Awesome.  We also all went to see the lights at the Temple Square in Salt Lake.  We took the train in, which turned out to be an adventure. ON our way back we had to wait at least 40 minutes in the freezing cold.  But it was fun to see all the pretty lights and enjoy a romantic evening with my sweet husband.  It was wonderful to just hang out and relax and be with family. 

Waiting for the train

Cute Taylor 

Cameron and Justin 

Those are Cameron's hands in the corner :) silly boy

We went and looked in the Tabernacle 

How romantic

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