Saturday, February 2, 2013

George Strait Concert!

Yes it's true! Justin and I saw George Strait in concert on January 25th 2013.  Best. Concert. Ever. Seriously it was amazing.  It was kind of an impulse decision, but worth every penny we spent.  It was to celebrate our 1st anniversary. We had amazing seats on the floor! I even touched his hand! We were right by the aisle where he walked down and I stuck my hand out as far as I could and waved it around and he touched it! Wahoo. 

Justin's excited face attempt #1 (haha this is my favorite)

Justin's excited face attempt #2

we were so close! he is a lot shorter than we were expecting. But he was amazing and it's so sad that he is retiring. What a man.

We got there very early because we wanted to beat the traffic and get a good parking spot. So we brought a card game and played in the car. 

We ran into Lori, Rod, Mickey, Jessica, Josh Monk and his friend. How fun to see family.

Martina McBride was the opener and she was also amazing!

What a great day! We had so much fun.

Fun moment: This random person stopped us on the street and asked us what was going on. haha he wanted to know why there were so many cowboys. awesome.

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