Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Last week I got off work early so we decided to go to the temple.  We hadn’t been in a while and I was feeling like I really needed to go.  I had a couple things that were worrying me and stressing me out.  Because it’s winter, things are slower at work so I haven’t been getting as many hours…so our income is a lot lower than it usually is each month.  I also hadn’t gotten a raise in a long time, so I was trying to decide if I should ask for one or find a different job that might pay more.  The problem is that it’s Rexburg and for one it’s hard to even find a job, let alone a good paying one.  So we went to the temple.  I prayed about my situation and I instantly felt an amazing peace and calm come over me.  It was such a great feeling and I knew that everything would be okay.  Then next day I got my check in the mail and my boss had given me a raise! It was such a great blessing and confirmed to me how the Lord is always willing to help us.  Sometimes we just need to ask.  I am so grateful for temples and this gospel because it brings peace, comfort, hope and joy into my life.  I know now that I need to stay with this job and that everything is going to work out.  We are always taken care of and blessed.

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