Monday, February 18, 2013

More from our George Strait trip

We were lucky enough to be able to spend a couple days in Utah after the concert.  We stayed with Ash and we got to hang out with Ben and Matt! It was such a fun weekend! So fun to be with everyone (we sure did miss the Paganos and the parents though).

Cute Tay-tay

Cameron saw my camo shirt and he was so excited because he thought I looked like the lizard-man from spiderman.  So then he had to wear his lizard-man costume and then he made me batman. So yes, I am Batman.

Cam jam was being so silly. But I wanted to get a picture with both of them.

It had been two years since I had seen this beautiful face! So great to hang out with Ben. yay!


Matt! I love my brothers! Let's be honest, I love my whole family! It's always so fun to be with family.

In honor of our reunion we took a lot of silly pictures. hahaha just like old times

We played lots of games and just hung out. It made me so happy.  One of my favorite parts was driving Ben and Matt back to Provo and having dance parties in the car. Awesome. 

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