Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fishing the Warm River

Justin is so excited

We went on a fishing trip on free fishing day!  We went to the warm river and fished in the morning, then we went to Mesa Falls, and then back to fishing in the evening.  Apparently the morning and evenings are the best time to fish...although, we didn't have much luck that day.

This is the first spot we saw and stopped at because we saw fish right away.

Mal setting up

So exciting!

The first and largest catch of the day by the handsome Justin (and sadly only 1 of 3 total that day).

This was our first time trying out our new fly fishing rods.

Mesa Falls

We randomly saw Steve there, a guy from work and his son. Small world moment.

This is right after Justin almost fell in and drowned. I was laughing so hard because it was silly...but it wouldn't have been silly if he had actually fallen in and filled up his waders.

My first catch of the day! Very small, but fun. (my waders are not the cutest, but they were the only pair we could find in such short notice. Luckily I now have a better pair that we found at a yard sale! Hooray for yard sales!)

An older couple gave us a coupe ant flies to try and that is what I caught this fish with.  They were very kind to us.

My second fish! P.s. I don't know how to hold fish correctly, so this is the only picture we got because then I dropped it. hahaha

We were wishing we had brought bug spray because there were a ton of mosquitoes.  As we were getting in the car to leave, we all jumped in and tried to kill the millions of mosquitoes that had gotten in the car. Good times.

Although not the most successful fishing day, it was still fun to be outside on Free Fishing Day and National Get Outdoors Day.  That was lucky because we didn't have to pay to park at Mesa Falls or to fish. Win win win

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