Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Holt Reunion 2014

We had a Holt Reunion at the end of May. We all got together at the Holt cabin for a weekend. It was a grand old time. There was delicious food to be had, fun games that were played, memories that were shared, birthday's that were celebrated, horses that were ridden, and so much more. What a fun time!  Hooray for family. We drove down with Chauncey and Mallory, it was a little cramped but lots of fun.

Andrea and Chelsea and Harper

Justin taking some of the kids on a mule ride

Grandpa Holt, Steph, Grandma Holt, Chauncey, Chelsea

Mallory and Steph holding Harper

Steph, Mallory, Gabby, Chauncey

Justin playing one of the games (a minute to win it game where you had to knock down the water bottles with some flour in a nylon that you put on your head)

Nick, Gabby, Harper

Reagan had a birthday

Everyone went into town to vote for Mark and the kids helped throw candy out at the parade

Justin, Steph, Chauncey, Mallory getting ready to head back to Rexburg

Linda with Mckenzie and Harper

Chelsea, Harper, Hunter (poor Hunter got sick)

Justin and Steph on a horse/mule ride

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