Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Farm II

We went to Miller's pit and jumped off a small cliff. I am the one all the way on the right side.

Some of us went to the sand dunes and I had a great time. I even tried jumping a 4-wheeler...I wasn't the best at it, but it was fun! My cousins were amazing and got some fantastic air! Impressive.

We took the nephews on lots of rides on 4-wheelers and motorcycles. they loved it!

We also decided to pull the weeds around the cemetery one morning! It was quite the project, but as my mom and grandma say, "many hands make light work." We should have taken before and after pictures. With everyone's help and the loader, we created quite the mountain of weeds.

Here is the whole family! (minus Mike, who we missed dearly). It was so great to see everyone and I just love my family!

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