Friday, September 10, 2010

The New Mine

So my cousins found this old mine and I had never been to it. So we went and explored it. It was very cool, but also a little dangerous. Also we ignored this sign...good one?

There was this ladder that went up forever and ever! You couldn't see the top for a very long time. Also it was very rickety in some places and curved out from the wall. It gave you quite the adrenaline rush when you climbed it.

Tonya, me and Lydia

Here I am climbing the crazy ladder.

Here is the crew that went. Also Nephi and I climbed these even sketchier ladders to see where it ended up going nowhere, but it was quite the adventure.
(Sarah, me, Lydia, Jacob, Nephi, Luke, Tonya, Ammon)


  1. One day you will be one of those kids that gets trapped in the collapse of an abandoned mine shaft and people will say, "What were they even doing in there in the first place?" and they will put up more warning signs and it won't matter because you will explore them anyway.

  2. Wow, I totally would have gotten claustraphobic! It looks like it was way cool, though. Were there any creatures in there?

  3. there was one creature! it was the largest rat I have ever seen! It looked like it was crazy!