Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jumper Cables

So I am in this very intense mechanics class. It's all about electricity and my teacher said that by the end of the semester, we will know everything there is to know about electricity. That is exciting, but also intimidating. It is a 4 credit class and it's all about farm electrical systems. I am the only girl and there are about 10 students total. I know nothing about cars or tractors or such things of that nature. When I went to buy the tools that are required for the class, I had no idea what to get. I still haven't got everything, but I am getting there. (slowly) Anyways, today we made mini jumper cables! That's right, I made these (see pictures)! It is very exciting and I made them with no major problems! We also magnetized one of our screw drivers! I am gaining so much new knowledge and it is exciting! Look out world.

On a different and unrelated note, I had my weight training class today and I am excited to get back in shape! I am going to be strong like bull...and very sore tomorrow, guaranteed. Life is good!


  1. Amazing! You should come fix my dryer because I'm pretty sure it just died tonight. Good trick, cuz now I have to hang my towels to dry and they will be all crispy tomorrow. Are you up for the challenge?

  2. I am! Except my knowledge is very limited at this addition, you are far away....otherwise I would be there quicker than you can say laundry.